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Common Wasp (Vespula vuIgaris)

swansea wasp pest controlThe Common Wasp is up to 30mm long and has kidney shaped eyes, four transparent wings, with the rear wings being smaller than the front wings, the mouth anatomy is well suited for chewing wood into pulp to construct the nest, wasps undergo complete metamorphosis, with egg, larval, pupal and adult stages.

Wasps can be regarded as beneficial insects as they help to control other pest insects, the workers prefer high energy carbohydrates which they obtain from fruits such as apples, pears and plums and the nectar of flowers.

Generally however, wasps are regarded as nuisance pests and a threat to public health.

ABC 247 Pest Control Swansea Wasp Control RemovalWasps need to collect wood to construct nests means that wasps may damage the wooden fabric of buildings, fences and even garden furniture & decking.

Wasps are a particular nuisance at the end of the summer when the workers no longer need to collect food for their young and will then indulge in their passion for sweet materials such as sweets and sugary drinks, this is the point when wasps will be at there most aggressive towards humans as they are trying to get the sweet fix they are now missing from the young larval stages.

Stings can be treated with a cold compress and antihistamine creams applied within twenty minutes of stinging an antiseptic cream should also be rubbed into the skin to prevent infection.

Wasp stings around the throat may lead to respiratory obstruction, faintness, itching rash, swelling of the face and vomiting with abdominal pain.

Medical assistance should be sought where anaphylactic shock is suspected.

Wasps are typically social insects with new nests constructed each year, the queens, which are larger than the workers, overwinter in buildings, under loose bark or even in old nests, they emerge in the spring and will feed on nectar and sap. 

Nests are located underground or in buildings trees or bushes and are constructed of wasp paper, the paper is made by chewing wood and other plant debris and mixing it with saliva. The queen firstly constructs a canopy and suspends it in the chosen location, then a central pedicel is formed from which the nest is suspended, the queen then builds a layer of hexagonal downward-facing cells from the pedicel.

Layers of wasp paper are then formed to encase the nest providing protection from the elements and preserving heat, egg's are then laid in the first section of the nest built by the queen & cemented into place, the emerging larvae which hatch in a few days only partially emerge in order to stop them falling from the cells. The fully grown larvae construct silky cocoons and seal themselves into the cells in order to pupate, four to six weeks after the eggs are laid the first generation workers emerge, these are female wasps but smaller than the queens, the workers then take responsibility for maintaining the nest, they extend it by adding further layers of cells, this way up to eight tiers may be constructed and enveloped in wasp paper.  If the nest overheats the workers ventilate it by vibrating their wings or  by introducing water droplets which cool the atmosphere. 

The workers also forage for food and in particular high protein foodstuffs for the larvae e.g. flies, caterpillars, spiders etc, in turn the larvae secrete sugar and proteases, this is taken by the workers and provides a useful food supplement whilst also helping them to break down the proteinaceous foods destined for the larvae, this process is called trophallaxis which is a relationship where both parties gain and which ensures the workers allegiance to the nest.

As the workers develop the nest the queen devotes her time to egg laying.

By the end of the summer the nest may contain 15,000 or more wasps.

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