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Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

abc 24/7 pest control swansea RatRats carry parasites including Ring Worm, Mites, Tapeworms, Ticks and Fleas.
Rat fur is coarse and  brown or dark grey, while the underside is lighter grey or brown.
The length can be up to 25 cm (10 in), with the tail a further 25 cm (10 in), the same length as the body.
Adult body weight averages 550 g (19 oz) in males and about 350 g (12 oz) in females, but a very large individual can reach 900 g (32 oz).
Rats weighing over 1 kg (2.2 lb) are exceptional.
The brown rat is a true omnivore and will consume almost anything, but cereals form a substantial part of its diet. 
Rats are known to burrow extensively if given access to a suitable site and generally begin a new burrow adjacent to an object or structure as this provides a sturdy roof, the burrows then develop to eventually include multiple levels of tunnels and a secondary entrance.
Older male rats will generally not burrow while young males and females will burrow almost constantly
Burrows provide rats with shelter and food storage as well as a place of safety, rats use their burrows to escape from possible threats in the surrounding environment.

The Norway rat has a life expectancy of 3 years and can breed throughout the year in suitable conditions, a female is capable of producing up to five litters a year, the gestation period is only 21 days and litters can number up to 14 although 7 is more common, they reach sexual maturity at about five weeks.

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