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House Mouse (Mus domesticus)

abc 24/7 pest control swansea mouse Are you and your property in the grip a mouse infestation, we offer professional pest control focusing on eradicating the mouse infestation and where possible finding and sealing any proofing issues that are allowing mice to have a point of entry we carry out work for both domestic and commercial properties.

It is not generally recognized but the common house mouse causes almost as much damage and is as great a health hazard as the rat.

Mice usually live at ground level but will readily climb when needed.
Mice have the potential to damage and contaminate stored food on a large scale, this contamination is difficult to remove and can result in the rejection of food for human consumption.

Mice often destroy much more food than they consume because of their wasteful habit of discarding partially eaten food.

Our qualified team can effectively deal with a mouse infestation whether it’s at your home or in your business premises.

Our methods of mouse control are safe and will not cause any adverse effect on pets, children, livestock, wildlife or the environment.

If not addressed quickly, mice can cause a much damage to your property and pass on disease to humans this can affect your health and business, leading to ill health, business losses or even business closure. Should you notice any mice in your property call us before the problem gets out of control.

Mice are capable of eating everything and anything they find, their ever growing sharp and long teeth are kept shorter by their continued chewing.

The most common house mouse is smaller in size and weight compared to its cousin, the long tailed wood mouse. It also has smaller features like eyes and ears, both are commonly found indoors throughout the year and are capable of causing a lot of havoc damage and ill health.

Mice spread diseases through their droppings and urine, which can contaminate food and water.

Don’t let mice ruin your property and your health call us today for expert advice and elimination of any infestation.


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